E-resources Databases

Tharaka University Library has subscribed to E-resources databases, journal and open access resources for enhancing and promoting research for both students and staff. The Resources have been sort into groups to help the researcher narrow down the right materials fortheir information need:

1. E-resources {A-Z E-resources}

2. Open Acess resources

3. Categorised resources {E-journals, E-books, and Open access}

4. E-resources sort by discipline {Field of study}

Digital Institutional Repository

Tharaka University Repository is an archive digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization’s legacy;they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication. once on the repository home use browse the different communities to access variety of content and materials. click here for a detailed guide on how to access the institutional Repository.

Off-campus E-resources Acess

MyLOFT: My Librarr on Fingertips.

The library has subscribed to MyLOFT platform this portal will enable users to:
1. Remotely access and use the digital library wherever they are (off campus access)
2. Search and download E-books and journals articles from all databases at once
3. Create your own library of the materials you have downloaded for further reading.

4. Share with friends/coursemates E-books, Journals and favorite databases

Use your institutional mail and password given to you when opening the account for off-campus access. click here to log in to Off-campus E-resources Access

Searching the catalogue

To get started with the online catalog, select the keyword dropdown menu to select specific area i.e Title, Author, Call number, ISBN etc or if your are not sure about the category search the whole catalogue by just filling in the blank on the search bar with your query keywords with what you want to find and click GO. For even more specific searching, use the advanced search feature to help narrow in on what you are looking for. click here to visit the online catalogue