Library rules and regulations


         1 MONDAY-FRIDAY            8:00am-10:00pm
         2 SATURDAY                 9.00am-4.00pm
         3 SUNDAY                   2.00 – 5.00pm
         4 PUBLIC HOLIDAYS          Closed


• Membership of the library is open to all students, academic staff and non-teaching staff

Non Members (Institutions / Individual)

External members shall be considered for membership on production of recommendation letters from local chief/ employer / institution. In addition they shall pay Ksh 200/= per day.

NB: No loan facilities will be extended to this Category of Membership


  1. Silence should be strictly observed in the library. Users are strictly not allowed to make or receive phone calls at any given time. Discussions are not allowed.
  2. Library users are not allowed to wear/put on overcoats/jackets or cap(s). Bags should be left at the luggage area/bay of the library..
  3. All readers must show at the entrance their Identification cards (student ID) and the items they are bringing in the library as well as items taking out of the library at the exit.
  4. The security staff reserves the right to inspect books and check bags before a user enters or exits the library.
  5. Marking, writing on, underlining, tearing pages or defacing of books and periodicals is forbidden.
  6. The booking of reading carrels/tables in the library is strictly not allowed.
  7. Readers are requested not to interfere with light switches, computers, computer accessories and library arrangement of furniture’s.
  8. Materials not properly borrowed from other libraries (other than Tharaka university college libraries) will be confiscated and returned to the institutions of origin with particulars of the user found with them for necessary action by the offended institution.
  9. Smoking, spitting, eating, hawking, sleeping, drinking and littering are strictly prohibited.
  10. Library users are free to report any complaints concerning library services to the librarian or by filling complaint book at the security desk
  11. Users are not allowed to reshelve books after retrieving
  12. Users are required to ensure that valuable items (like money, phones, laptops and calculators) are NOT left in the luggage area. The library accepts no liability for loss of personal property left at the luggage area/bay.
  13. Users are NOT allowed to leave their property in the luggage area overnight.
  14. Books and other articles left for any length of time may be removed by the library staff.
  15. The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of library rules
  16. the librarian may amend the library rules and regulations when necessary


  1. All registered members are allowed to borrow books and other information materials. They will be expected to identify themselves at the time of borrowing. Use of unauthorized identification documents e.g. other people’s documents is strictly not allowed.
  2. Reference books, special collection, periodicals (newspapers, journals, magazines) and projects/thesis/dissertations are strictly for use within the library.
  3. library users may borrow books as stipulated;
    i. Undergraduate student – 2 books for one week and reserved /short loan book for 2 (two) hours.
    ii. Postgraduate students (PGDE/Med/PhD) – 2 books for two weeks and one reserved/short loan book for 2 (two) hours.
    iii. Academic Staff – 2 books for 2 (two) weeks.
    iv. Non- academic staff and others – 2 books for 2 (two) weeks
    v. School Based students- 2 (two) books for two weeks
  4. Circulation librarian may recall any borrowed information material any time.
  5. All materials on loan must be returned before or on the time/ due date.
  6. A book will be assumed lost after the third reminder and therefore shall be paid for.A member who fails to return books on after third reminder will lose his/her membership privileges for 3 (three) months.
  7. Student IDs are not Interchangeable.
  8. Borrowers are held responsible for any damage or loss of any information materials borrowed using their documents/ID (They should inspect them before borrowing).
  9. Users are notified through institutional email when borrowed materials are overdue.


  1. Overdue library materials will be charged a fine of :
    a. Long loan ksh 5/= per day for each borrowed book.
    b. Short loan ksh 5/= per hour for each borrowed book
  2. For lost information materials, borrowers will;
     Lost or damaged information materials on loan will be replaced or charged at the current market price of the information material with addition of Ksh. 500 administration fee.
     For a book out of print, the Librarian will guide the borrower on the alternative book to be acquired.
  3. Materials declared lost and charged for will only be accepted back at the convenience of the library.
  4. A user attempting to remove a book from the library in unauthorized manner shall be taken to security department and fined kshs 500/=, have his/her membership cancelled and taken to university college disciplinary committee.
  5. All photocopying within the library is subject to:
    a) Copy right act cap 130 laws of kenya
    b) The library’s authority to photocopy
    c) The written permission from the authors of these dissertations


  1. There is a 1 (one) hour time limit on the workstations.
  2. There is no reservation for individual computer use.
  3. Access must be for purpose of academic research.
  4. Users are allowed to download the academic files and attach them to their email accounts. Use of flash disks, USB Cables and re-writable CDs are strictly prohibited in the digital library section.
  5. No user is allowed to install or uninstall any software or change system settings. Violation results in loss of the facility’s privileges.
  6. Sending or displaying non-educational or disruptive information/messages, files or pornographic images, playing computer games or music is prohibited.
  7. While accessing internet information services clients are expected to adhere to intellectual property laws, and security restrictions. Plagiarism is prohibited.
  8. Disruptive actions, either verbal and/or physical are prohibited
  9. Unplugging of computer cables from power sockets is strictly prohibited.


The library subscribes to e-books and e-journals which can be accessed from university website library and all computer labs via a laptop through wireless connectivity. We have off campus access (MyLOFT) that will allow users to access the e-resources off campus. Users are advised to consult e-resource librarian for purposes of accessing e-resources


ResourcesURL Link
Library Website
Institutional Repository
Online cataloguehttp://
Off-campus Library Access
E-resources Databases
Past papers bank
Old Past papers bank
Springer E-books 8a1Zog6bnCxirxLglGbTY?usp=sharing
Research Articles
University Website

Library clearance to registered members will be based upon;
 Payment of / for Overdue fine in full
 Payment/replacement of lost or damaged Library materials

In case of blackout, the library will remain open for 20 minutes to allow students to clear from the library.